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Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats in 2023? The complete guide.

Not satisfied with the current income? Want to make extra income?

Thinking to start a food delivery driver’s full-time job but not sure which food delivery company to join? Then you are at the right place.

Today we will talk about the two most popular food delivery giants Doordash and Uber Eats.

We will talk and analyze each and every aspect of these food delivery companies in detail and try to clear all doubts in your mind.

There are a lot of questions in people’s minds like, which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats? Which One Pays More, Doordash or Uber Eats driver?

We will certainly try to explain all information in this article.


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What is DoorDash?

Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats

Over 300,000 independent and chain restaurants in the United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia are partners with DoorDash, which was started in 2013.

Additionally, DoorDash has the most monthly sales of any service, accounting for nearly 60% of the food delivery industry in the United States.

DoorDash drivers are called Dashers. Dashers can deliver using a car, bike, scooter, or motorbike. For Dashers, this meal delivery service is unique in that you may plan your working hours up to a week in advance and deliver right away if you have a few spare hours.

The average Dasher pay-outs made while on delivery during 90 days are used to compute hourly pay, which also includes peak pay, tips, and other incentives.


What is Uber Eats?

Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats

In 2014, Uber introduced Uber Eats, an on-demand food delivery service that has since expanded to more than 6,000 cities across 45 nations.

Since its introduction, Uber Eats has seen a lot of modifications; one of the most significant for customers is the removal of flat-rate delivery pricing.

When Uber Eats purchased Postmates, another well-known start-up, in July 2020, they created a significant stir in the meal delivery service market.

Customers may use the app to examine menus, reviews, and ratings before placing an order with Uber Eats, which specializes in delivering food from restaurants.

After placing the order in the Uber Eats app, the delivery driver sees it, assigns it to himself, picks it up, and delivers the food to the consumer.

Depending on the market, Uber Eats delivery drivers may choose to bring food by foot, bike, scooter, or even car.


DoorDash or Uber Eats Driver Requirements.

DoorDash Requirements for Driver.

  1. The age should be at least 18 years.
  2. Should have a valid driver’s license.
  3. The driver should have valid car insurance.
  4. The driver should have a clean driving record.
  5. A driver should have a minimum of one year of driving experience.
  6. Bikes, scooters, motorcycles, and walking deliveries are permitted in some cities.
  7. A driver should have to pass a background check.


Uber Eats Requirements for Driver.

  1. The age should be at least 21 years.
  2. Should have a valid driver’s license.
  3. The driver should have valid car insurance.
  4. Drivers must have at least one year of driving experience and three years if they are under the age of 25.
  5. Bikes and scooters are permitted in certain cities, with a maximum capacity of 50cc.
  6. Scooter deliveries are permitted for drivers aged 19 and above.
  7. Bicycle and foot deliveries are permitted for drivers aged 18 and above.


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DoorDash or Uber Eats Driver Sign up process.

Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats

Doordash Driver Sign-up process.

  1. Apply online or via a mobile app.
  2. Take a pic of your driving license and upload it.
  3. Give your insurance information.
  4. Dashers are required to give their Social Security number.
  5. Agree to do the background check.
  6. Wait till the background test is complete.
  7. Select the delivery method and complete the application.


Uber Eats Driver Sign up process.

  1.  Apply online or via a mobile app.
  2. Take a pic of your driving license and upload it.
  3. Give your insurance information.
  4. S. drivers are required to give their Social Security numbers.
  5. Agree to do the background check.
  6. Complete the application. Wait till the background test is complete.


How to Make Deliveries Using DoorDash or Uber Eats?

Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats

You can start once your background check has been approved.

Open App

Turn on the app and wait for notifications of available deliveries. Both companies advise busy times or popular areas, which pay drivers delivery bonuses.


Once get a delivery, tap to accept it and then follow the app’s pick-up and delivery instructions.

Payment for Deliveries

Once you complete the first delivery, DoorDash will mail you a credit card known as a Red Card. This Red card you can use to pay for specific orders. You can activate it and extend the types of deliveries you make, or you can do simple deliveries where you don’t have to pay for orders when you pick them up. Some Dashers prefer deliveries that don’t require Red Card payments to save time during pick-up and complete more deliveries.

Uber Eats deliveries are pre-paid. Drivers are not required to manage payments.

Follow the Steps

Both apps make it simple to make deliveries. You might even be asked if you want to accept a second order from the same pickup location. Simple delivery is a good way to make money quickly because you’ll be paid for two deliveries but only have one neighboring or same-restaurant pickup. Simply follow the directions on the map and check the steps as you go.

Shift Schedule

DoorDash offers a feature that Uber Eats does not. You may be eligible for early-access scheduling, which allows you to reserve peak hours up to six days in advance. This means you have priority over walk-in DoorDashers during the blocks you’ve chosen.

To qualify, you must:

Have to complete at least 95% of your deliveries, and have at least a 4.6 customer rating. You must have completed at least five deliveries from the previous Friday. Also, you have to complete at least 500 deliveries.

Why should Delivery Drivers Work with These Apps?

There are many reasons why delivery drivers work with these apps.

Make extra money

With the increasing demand for these services, new drivers are always needed to fill the positions. This means you can make a good living as a delivery driver for any of these apps.

No need for a car

Delivery drivers are not required to own a car. To get started, all they need is a phone and an app. This means you can work from anywhere and don’t have to care about traveling.

Favorable Time

Unlike other jobs that require you to be available at specific times, delivery drivers can usually work whenever they want. This means you can set your hours and work whenever you want. This is a good option if you want to do a side hustle while keeping your day job.


Both DoorDash and Uber Eats give their drivers a variety of incentives, such as bonus pay and exclusive discounts. This means you can earn handsome money as a delivery driver.

Collaboration with other businesses

Both DoorDash and Uber Eats have partnerships with a variety of businesses, which means you can make some money while working for one of these companies. For example, Uber Eats has a partnership with Starbucks, which means you can earn money by working for Starbucks as well.


DoorDash or Uber Eats Driver Delivery Hours.


Dashers can use the DoorDash app to schedule their duty time up to a week in advance. This enables a more planned duty in a week. Also ‘Dash Now’ feature enables Dashers to take real-time orders during peak hours, allowing them to earn more money.

Uber Eats

Uber Eats drivers have a flexible work schedule because they can open the app and take orders whenever they want. They do not have to plan their work hours and can take on additional tasks whenever they have free time.

DoorDash Or Uber Eats Driver, Which one pays more?

Which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats


The most common question for drivers is, whether DoorDash or Uber Eats pays more.

The short answer is that DoorDash drivers earn between $15 and $25 per hour, while Uber Eats drivers earn between $10 and $17 per hour.

Those figures are based on actual driver feedback, and it’s important to note that neither service pays a flat hourly rate. Drivers are paid per delivery, and your earnings will most likely vary throughout the week.

Let’s look at how each service calculates driver pay to help you understand how per-order pay works. We’ll also go over how and when drivers get paid.


DoorDash Or Uber Eats Driver Pay Formula.


DoorDash Driver pays Formula.

The new pay model for DoorDash was implemented in 2019. The most significant change is all drivers now have a sure base pay amount and keep all of their tips.

Base Pay: The guaranteed minimum that drivers are paid per order is known as base pay. It varies depending on the order and ranges between $2 and $10. Drivers see this amount before accepting an order in the Dasher app, and you always keep 100% of it.

Promotions: Promotions allow you to earn more money. Peak Pay periods happen when specific delivery areas in the Dasher app light up red with an extra amount. It is an extra amount you’ll earn on your base pay. This usually amounts to $1-$4 more per delivery.

Challenges: Challenges include tasks such as “complete X number of deliveries in a particular amount of time.” You will receive bonus pay if you complete the challenge. Dashers can receive challenge bonuses in addition to Peak Pay.

Customers can give additional tips for delivery if complete, and you keep all of the DoorDash tips.


Uber Eats Driver pay Formula.

The most recent Uber Eats pay formula is shown below. It has been modified over the years (and it will most likely modify again).

Earnings from Uber Eats are calculated by adding the:

Base fare: This is the amount you pay for distance, pickup, and drop.

Trip supplement: This is a newer earnings component that considers factors such as total time and distance, and according to Uber Eats, it “helps make every delivery worthwhile.”

Promotions: A variety of promotions, including Surge and Boost, are available when there is a high demand for orders.

Tips: You retain all of your tips.

Uber Eats promotions pay you more to deliver during peak times.


How DoorDash Or Uber Eats Drivers Paid?

How DoorDash Pays?

DoorDash pays Dashers via direct deposit every week on Friday. Most drivers report that their money arrives in their bank account by Wednesday. If you need money urgently, you can use Fast Pay for $1.99 to cash out.

You can get a free Dasher Direct card and a free DoorDash’s prepaid business Visa card. You also get no-fee instant deposits that appear in your account immediately after each delivery.


How Uber Eats Pays?

Uber Eats pays its drivers via direct deposit once a week. Payments are released on Wednesday, and the majority of drivers receive their earnings by the end of the day on Thursday.

There’s also an Instant Pay option, which deposits your earnings directly to your debit card. It costs $0.50 per cash out and can be used up to 5 times per day. You can also get a free Uber Visa Debit Card and use Instant Pay.


Doordash or Uber Eats Driver: How it works?

 Even though how similar these apps function, there are a few key differences. One of the most significant differences between Uber Eats and DoorDash for drivers is scheduling: DoorDash drivers can schedule their hours in advance, whereas Uber Eats does not.

One more significant difference is the amount of time you have to accept or decline an order. DoorDash allows 45 seconds versus Uber Eats’ 15 seconds.

There are three main parts to making money with these services scheduling, accepting or declining orders, and making deliveries.


How Doordash works for drivers?

 Scheduling: DoorDash allows you to schedule delivery times from a week to an hour in advance, with meal times being the busiest. Drivers can also log into the app when they aren’t scheduled to see if Dash Now is busy. The in-app map turns red when there is a high enough demand for additional drivers.

Accepting and declining orders: Once a driver sees order in the app, he or she has 45 seconds to accept or decline it. DoorDash does not have a minimum acceptance rate (the percentage of delivery drips you accept), but you must have a 70% acceptance rate to qualify for its Top Dasher program.

Making deliveries: The app provides turn-by-turn driving directions, and customers can leave specific delivery instructions.


How does Uber Eats work for drivers?


Scheduling: Drivers for Uber Eats do not schedule hours in advance; instead, you simply open the app and wait to be pinged for an order. Drivers can work up to 15 hours per day, but they cannot work more than 12 hours in a row.

Accepting and declining orders: Drivers have 15 seconds to choose whether to accept or decline an order. According to Uber Eats’ website, “To provide dependable service to restaurants and customers, it is critical to maintaining a high acceptance rate. We ask that you only go online where you want to take requests in order to keep delivery times short.” Your rating, on the other hand, does not appear in the app and has no bearing on your ability to place orders or qualify for promotions.

Making deliveries: You can get driving directions from Uber Eats’ built-in map system, or you can use Google Maps if you prefer. Customers can leave delivery instructions, and you can use the app to photograph the food to prove delivery.

Doordash or Uber Eats Driver support.

Uber Eats, DoorDash, and other services have been working to support their drivers in the face of crises such as the pandemic and rising fuel costs in recent years.


DoorDash driver support.

DoorDash is offering a provisional weekly gas bonus to high mileage drivers to balance rising fuel costs. If you drive at least 100 to 225 miles per week, you will receive a $5, $10, or $15 bonus. If you are using the free Dasher Direct prepaid business Visa debit card can earn 10% cash back on all gas purchases. The card is available to all Dashers, and there is no credit check.

DoorDash responded to the pandemic by providing temporary “sick leave” pay during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Contactless deliveries can now be requested by both drivers and customers.


Uber Eats driver support.

To help with gas costs, Uber Eats started adding a provisional delivery surcharge of $0.35 or $0.45 to every order. Customers pay the surcharge, and drivers keep the entire amount.

At the height of the pandemic, there was provisional financial assistance provided.


How To Make More Money as Doordash or Uber Eats Driver?

Whatever service you drive for, here are some tips from real drivers on how to earn more than the average driver.

Available during meal times.

DoorDash and Uber Eats are busiest during lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and late at night on weekends. And it can get extremely crowded during events such as the Super Bowl or any other major televised event when people don’t want to miss what’s on TV.

Deliver in your daily routine.

Attaching driving to a non-negotiable routine will help you find time to make money, according to one of the best tips we’ve received. For example, plan to pick up an order on your way to home from work.

Take note of your expenses.

Although neither DoorDash nor Uber Eats reimburse you for driver expenses such as gas or your cell phone, you can deduct these costs at tax time if you keep track of them. We recommend using an app like Everlance to track your miles and expenses so that you can take an accurate deduction when it comes time to file your taxes.

Be selective with orders.

Many drivers advise only accepting larger orders and avoiding orders as small as $7. The purpose behind this is, that larger orders always pay more, but avoiding too many orders means you’re passing up money-making chances. Spend a few days taking every order that comes into the app and another few days being picky — which days did you earn the most?

Work in peak hours.

You’ll usually get a bonus, which can significantly boost your earnings. Peak times can include late nights, weekday lunchtimes, and weekend evenings. The app will frequently notify you of popular locations.

Accept set orders.

Allow Uber Eats or DoorDash to organize your day by accepting multiple pickups and drop-offs in a single order. By reducing downtime, you will earn more in delivery fees and increase your chances of receiving tips.

Be friendly.

Provide extra napkins or mints to customers. When you drop off the order, be courteous. Send them a text message to let them know you’ve left their items at the door as requested, and then wish them a good day. Small, personal details could lead to a larger tip.


Doordash or Uber Eats Driver Ratings.

 Doordash Driver Ratings.

 The DoorDash 5-star rating system is based on the below parameters.

  1.  Customer Rating.

The customer rating considers how many points receive for every delivery from the customer based on the last 100 deliveries. Dashers must maintain a minimum score of 2 to continue working for DoorDash.

  1. Acceptance Rate.

When a dasher refuses a delivery, his or her acceptance rate suffers. While there are no criteria for a minimum acceptance rate to continue delivering on the app, a low acceptance rate can affect your chances of ever joining the ‘Top Dasher Program.’

  1. On-Time/ Early Rate.

This parameter counts the time dashers take to complete each delivery based on the last 100 deliveries.

  1. Completion Rate.

This scale considers how many deliveries were completed by a Dasher over the last 100 deliveries. Orders canceled by customers are not counted and do not affect your completion rate. To continue working for DoorDash, dashers must maintain a minimum score of 80.


Uber Eats Driver Ratings

Customers and restaurant staff both rate Uber Eats drivers. The rating system is simply based on thumbs up and thumbs down. It is based on the driver’s last 100 deliveries.

Customers can also give opinions in detail. While a few low ratings may not affect your job, consistently low ratings may result in your termination from Uber Eats.


Guidelines for Doordash or Uber Eats Drivers.

There are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to become a delivery driver for one of these apps.

  1. Ensure that you have a dependable vehicle.

If you want success in your carrier as a delivery driver, then you’ll need a dependable vehicle. You’ll be able to manage heavy loads and drive in all types of weather as well.

  1. Be ready to work long hours.

Delivery drivers typically work long hours and are frequently required to work on weekends. If you are willing to deal with this, then becoming a delivery driver is a viable option for you. Although some time of day is usually set aside for rest, most drivers work between 10 and 12 hours per day.

  1. Driving Skill.

As a delivery driver, you need to travel in traffic with a heavy load on your vehicle and need to drive in small lanes to deliver an order. So, you must have that skill as a driver. Considering all the above factors, you need to deliver as fast as you can to make more money.

  1. Must know the app’s rules.

Each app has its protocols, and you must know these rules before beginning work as a delivery driver. You should also ensure that you know the app’s terms and conditions, as well as its driver safety guidelines.



Doordash or Uber Eats Driver Pros & Cons.

DoorDash Pros.

  1. DoorDash pays slightly more than Uber Eats on average
  2. Has slightly fewer driver and vehicle requirements than Uber Eats
  3. Can schedule shifts or simply Dash now to get to work.


DoorDash Cons.

  1. Not as widespread as Uber Eats
  2. You can’t always drive if there are too many other drivers on the road


Uber Eats pros.

  1. If you already drive for Uber, you can drive for Uber Eats.
  2. Over 6,000 cities in dozens of countries are served.
  3. You Can work as per your time.


Uber Eats Cons.

  1. Driver and vehicle prerequisites are a little strict.




When deciding whether to work for Doordash or Uber Eats, there are a few important factors to consider. The most important factor is probably paying. Which company pays its drivers more?

Doordash seems to have the edge here. On average, Doordash drivers make $15 per hour, while Uber Eats drivers make around $13 per hour. Of course, your exact earnings will vary depending on factors like location and time of day, but in general, you can expect to make a bit more with Doordash.

Another factor to consider is the sign-up bonus. Both companies offer new drivers a sign-up bonus, but Uber Eats’ bonus is currently much higher. With Uber Eats, you can earn an approximate $500 bonus after completing 100 deliveries, while with Doordash, you’ll only earn an approximate $100 bonus after completing 30 deliveries.

Another thing to consider is tips. Tips are generally higher on Doordash, so if you’re relying on tips for income, Doordash may be the better option. However, tips are not guaranteed, so if you’re looking for a steadier income, Uber Eats may be the better choice.

Also, it’s worth considering the app experience. Both apps are pretty similar, but some drivers prefer Doordash’s interface. Ultimately, it depends on your personal preference.

There is good news, you can work jointly with both companies to make more money.

Finally, which is better to work for Doordash or Uber Eats? It depends on what’s important to you. If you’re mainly focused on earning as much money as possible, Doordash is probably the better option. But if you’re more interested in getting a sign-up bonus and prefer Uber Eats’ app experience, then Uber Eats might be the better choice for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is it possible to make Doordash a full-time job?

YES, definitely. Many DoorDash drivers make a living doing a full-time job. Many drivers are claiming that it pays them more than their regular job.


2) How often does Doordash do promotions for drivers?

Guaranteed earnings incentives are available in Doordash. When you complete the expected number of deliveries within a timeframe, you will receive at least the guaranteed amount.

For example, if you earn $2500, DoorDash will add $250 to your earnings. Your total earnings from these deliveries will then be $2750.


3) Are Uber Eats drivers eligible for unemployment?

The simple answer is “YES.” If you work as an Uber Eats or Doordash driver, you should be eligible for regular unemployment benefits.


4) How often does Uber Eats do promotions for drivers?

Uber Eats driver promotions are offered every week, which are available directly in the driver app. You can access the app’s menu by tapping the menu button and then selecting “opportunities.” Then, you can see which days of the week specific Uber Eats driver promotions are available.


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